Extraordinary Paintwork

I began painting murals and furniture in London in the late '70s, and continued when I moved to Oxfordshire. There I trained with Annie Sloane, learning a range of decorative paint techniques, in the early '80s. I worked using broken colour (distressed paintfinishes) and painted murals in London, and all around the country. My work can be seen in shops and restaurants, healthcentres and schools as well as private homes. I also teach my skills to others and demonstrate at exhibitions and health spas. Laterly I ran a ceramics studio from my home in Oxfordshire, producing hand-painted ceramics for use in private homes and restaurants.

Settling finally in Malvern, Worcestershire after over a decade of travel, working and episodic living overseas, I continue my business as a talented and sensitive decorative artist and mural painter. I am happy to undertake commissions globally.