DTD Iteriors

Domestic and commercial painting and decorating. Emulsion painting, gloss painting, wallpaper stripped and hung, all exterior painting work. Specialising in (but not exclusive to) empty properties and insurance work. Special rates for Landlords, letting agents and developers.

Employing tradesman of any kind can sometimes be a very disruptive time for the whole family, "having your house invaded by total strangers" and "living in total chaos" are some of the phrases we have heard. Whilst we are fully aware of the disruption it may cause we make every endeavour to make it as stress free an experience as possible. We aim to cause minimal disturbance to you and your family and be as tidy as possible. All rubbish is removed from site at the end of every day. We would like to say "we will be in and out without you even knowing it" but unfortunately that isn't always the way it can be, we will however try our very best to make you think we are not even there.